A bit about me
Caricatures by Dez Kok
My name is Dez Kok and I am a Caricaturist and a "Situational Doodlelist"
I illustrate what others cannot articulate.

I have a passion for caricatures and for situational doodles - Situational Doodles are quick, rough sketches that tell a story in a way that words can't quite articulate​, they are drawings that illustrate a story or event in a humorous way.
My speciality is to blend art and real life, I put a caricature of a person into a real life photograph.
I tend to be a walking contradiction, I am an electronics technician, passionate about electronic design, but also an artist - the inside of my head is a confusing place with the right and left side of my brain often at odds with one another!

But, it has its advantages, my kids rebelled at my warpedness and turned out normal. Thank God for that!