Bad, Really Really Bad Caricatures - Get them here!  
Caricatures and Situational Doodles by Dez Kok 

New Year Special Offer

$40 drawing!

Special offer for January 2018

Please understand that these typically take me a couple of hours each and I draw the picture as I see it, if the drawing is not approved, I won't redraw as it will end up costing me, the deposit will cover the time already spent and we end the commission process there
For January 2018, I'm offering a real knock-down special - $40 for a digital drawing of a single face placed onto/into a background photo (see photo to the right) - for January only, after which prices go back up.

Ideal If you're looking for a wedding gift, or a present for a petrol-head.
If this is something that you'd like - please contact me at  to organise the commission. 

What will I need? I'll need a couple of good quality pictures of the victim - if possible with and expression that defines them, and more than one if possible - in different positions - straight on, 3/4, side view. I'll also need a picture of the background, car, boat, etc to place the subject into.

I'll ask for a $20 deposit, then I'll do a drawing of the face and submit it for approval, once approved, I'll ask for the balance and I'll complete the drawing. 

Please understand that this is CARICATURE and not a portrait, I'll draw the subect as I see them, and will get as best a likeness that I can. 

iPad Pro 2 - June 2017

To my surprise I discovered from Erik of Twin Cities Caricatures and Craig Hinrichs (I met both of these Gents at the Workshop) that they both use the iPad Pro 12.9 inch as a drawing device. I was not convinced but did my due diligence and researched the iPad Pro thoroughly and ended up getting the new iPad Pro (version 2) 12.9 inch and have been pleasantly surprised - it is just what I have been looking for. I draw using the Procreate App and can connect the iPad to my Mac using Astropad (it allows the iPad to be used as a graphics tablet for the Mac) allowing me to use all the other programs on my iPad (Photoshop, Sketchbook, ClipStudio)
I'm very happy with the iPad Pro and the lines are much smoother....

New input device - iPad Pro 2 - 12.9inch

Since getting back from the USA Workshop, I spent a lot of time trying different drawing methods - Pencil, Copic Marker, Pena and ink, Crayola markers, different software on the Surface - Clip Studio, Autodesk Skectbook Pro, Leonardo, Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe illustrator - all with different levels of success.
I've more or less decided that I want to focus on digital drawing so am ruling out pencils, pen and ink for my caricatures. The trouble is that 'line-work" is much neater, and smoother when done with a pencil - lines on the Surface tend to be quite jittery.
While I have found the Surface to be and excellent computer, I've struggled with it as a drawing device - particularly line work. So I've been researching other input devices. The Wacom Bamboo tablet really is an excellent device though it is only an input device (not a screen) and the 'disconnect' between drawing on a pad while looking up at a screen to see the lines is not something that I could get used to especially with line work - colour and shading not so bad, but it's really not what I have been looking for. The new Cintiq Mobilestudio Pro looks ideal but at AUD3499 for the version that I want, it's a bit out of my price range right now. 

USA Workshop - May 2017

500 Bad Caricatures

Understanding that I had 500 Bad Caricatures in me before noticing the subtle differences that hide in a person's face, and inspired to learn to "caricature" - I called my new project "500 Bad Caricatures" - the reason for the name I have chosen.
I'm happy to report that I can now notice the differences that hide in a person's face and often I look with keen interest at someones unsual shaped hooter (to my mind at least) and think to myself - I can't wait to draw that guy....

On the 4th of May I'll be on a plane to the USA. Tom, of MAD and of Richmond illustration, who is, to my mind, the best caricaturist ever is running one of his workshops that I'll be attending.
I can't recall when I started to follow Tom - I was fascinated with his caricaturing and how he could make a caricature look more like the subject than the subject does themselves! 
No question that I wanted to develop this skill and when the opportunity arose for this simple, pot-bellied alarm installer to attend a workshop and develop my skills under a great tutor, I jumped at the chance.

Back in 2015 I got my hands on a digital copy of Tom's book- The MAD Art of Caricature  

I noticed with interest that he said that he often tells budding caricaturists that they have 500 or So Bad Caricatures in them before noticing the subtle differences that hide in a persons face and develop the eye needed to be able to create decent caricatures.
All my life, I have enjoyed 'doodling' and more recently been cartooning digitally but had never seriously tried to develop my skills (or lack thereof). However, inspired by Tom Richmond's words, The 500 Bad (Really Really Bad) Caricatures project was started.

  1. Clive in his Focus
    Clive in his Focus
  2. Dave in his Torana
    Dave in his Torana
  3. Athol in his Piper
    Athol in his Piper
  4. TJM Pete Provides instruction to his minions
    TJM Pete Provides instruction to his minions
  5. Dan in ...... something
    Dan in ...... something
  6. Dez  & Steve in the Mighty Lexus Baron
    Dez & Steve in the Mighty Lexus Baron
  7. Rod "Levels Up" to 50
    Rod "Levels Up" to 50
  8. Gonzo's Takeaway
    Gonzo's Takeaway
  9. Title 9
    Title 9
  10. Title 10
    Title 10
  11. Title 11
    Title 11
  12. Title 12
    Title 12
  13. Title 13
    Title 13
  14. JK Simmons
    JK Simmons
My name is Dez Kok
I am a Caricaturist and a "Situational Doodlelist" and 
I illustrate what others cannot articulate.

I have a passion for caricatures and for situational doodles - Situational Doodles are quick, rough sketches that tell a story in a way that words can't quite articulate​, they are drawings that illustrate a story or event in a humorous way.
My speciality is to blend art and real life, I put a caricature of a person into a real life photograph.

I offer carticature services where I will do a drawing of a person and put them into a photograph - an ideal present for the car enthusiast. 
Contact me if you'd like me to commission a drawing.
What do I need and what do I offer.
  • I'll need a few good quality pictures of the "victim" front, 3/4 profile, even side profile and a good quality photo of the car/ute, boat (or whatever you want me to put them into).
  • I charge $65  $30 for a drawing (similar to the two above) for a high definition digital drawing or $80  $60 for the digital drawing plus an A4 colour print on Photo paper.   July Pricing only
  • I'll ask for a 50% non refundable deposit with order, once done, I'll send a thumbnail (similar to the above) for approval. If approved, I'll invoice the balance and then send the full defintion copy (you can have it in an format you like - JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, PSD) and if required will post the print.
  • Please understand that these typically take me a couple of hours each and I draw the picture as I see it, if the drawing is not approved, I won't redraw as it will end up costing me, the deposit will cover the time already spent and we end the commission process there.

Please contact me for further details